How to care for your Simply Faye Jewelry

Gold Filled Jewelry Care:

If you’re like me and have gold filled Simply Faye jewelry you can just hang up your necklaces displayed in all their beauty, put your bracelets on a tray to spread them out for easy browsing or in a drawer because we all know sometimes we just don’t want extra of anything laying around 😅

Simply Faye gold FILLED jewelry has 100x more gold than the gold PLATED jewelry you can get at just about any big box/ clothing store. The big box gold plated jewelry tarnishes after a month of wear while Simply Faye jewelry can be worn around the clock for months or in my experience years and still look great!👏
If your Simply Faye jewelry is showing some love just wash it up with some warm water and gentle soap to get rid of any build up that may accumulate with 24/7 wear ☺️
Sterling Silver Jewelry Care:
Are you a Simply Faye sterling silver girly?💎 If so you should be storing all your jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, anklets) in an airtight container only with other sterling silver pieces. 🫶🏼
Sterling silver is tarnish resistant, as long as you’re storing it correctly or wearing it consistently, it will shine and look as gorgeous as the day you bought it! The more you wear it the brighter it will shine.🙌🏼  If you let it set out, after a month or so it will start to oxidize and look tarnished. BUT DON'T WORRY!😅 You can get that shine right back by wearing those oxidized pieces for a few days. From my experience our bodies natural oils are the best “polish” for sterling silver 😉 I also recommend cleaning them with plain soap and warm water before trying any strong jewelry cleaning solutions. Those cleaning solutions can do more harm than good to your Simply Faye accessories!
If put into an airtight container looking good it will come out just as good ready to wear! An airtight container is anything from a Ziploc baggie to a little Tupperware container or anything similar that seals. If you want to take extra precautions you can put an anti- tarnish strip in with your sterling silver jewelry also.
Your Simply Faye Sterling silver comes in a heavy walled zippered pouch with a care card to remind and give you a safe place to store your jewelry👌🏼😃