The Story of Simply Faye

Hey, Mamas! It doesn't have to be hard. Wearing jewelry that fits your busy lifestyle and makes you feel beautiful is all about quality and easy.

Effortless, everyday accessories- that’s what Simply Faye Jewelry is all about. Jewelry you trust to be high-quality crafted and tarnish resistant.

I’m, Ceely (KEY-lee), a small-town mama who's love for jewelry grew when my baby girl was born in 2019. I wanted high quality jewelry that her and I could wear around the clock and wouldn't tarnish with everyday wear. Plus it needed to be easy to wear and look good no matter what I threw on that day!

- Sleep in it, sweat in it, our gold filled jewelry has 100X more gold than gold plated for a tarnish resistant finish.

- Minimal and timeless designs means no matter what outfit you have on, your jewelry looks good and gives you that pretty feminine touch.

- Amid the messy buns and not knowing the last time you showered your effortless, everyday jewelry is there to make you smile when you pass the mirror!

After YEARS of experimenting and testing I now bring you high quality, stylish jewelry for women, mamas and littles. My daughter and I wear our Simply Faye jewelry around the clock and get so many compliments!

The craftsman ship of this jewelry has a 4 month quality guarantee so if you have an issue or something breaks it's taken care of with the easy repair request link here on the website!

I can't wait to help you create your capsule jewelry collection that you'll get to wear around the clock easily and beautifully!

All the love- Ceely