Necklace Repair Request

Necklace Repair Request

Our jewelry is made to last. Most necklaces are worn for over a year, daily, with no lack in quality!

NECKLACES: Necklace chains cannot be repaired and need to be replaced if broken. If purchased in the last 4 months I will do the work of replacing it for free but ask that you cover a portion of the cost of the material. Please message me with any questions.

4 MONTH QUALITY GUARENTEE: Our quality guarantee means that your jewelry is guaranteed to hold up to normal everyday wear for 4 months after purchase date (which can be found on your invoice) or I'll fix it for free! You just pay the shipping, if needed. If you have an issue with the quality of your jewelry, fill out this request and send me a message using the message bubble at the bottom right of the screen to let me know how you plan to get your jewelry to me (local drop off or you can ship it to me at 38926 265th Street, Stickney, SD 57375.)

SHIPPING: If you are shipping jewelry please place it in a zip lock bag and mail back in a bubble mailer to ensure its safety. If you do not have the bubble mailer you received it in or access to a similar one please wrap the jewelry in tissue, place in a zip lock bag and then in an envelope taped shut.

EXCEPTIONS: Your jewelry will be tugged and tried with daily wear and it's made to hold up to that- no worries! But excessive pulling or a hard snag (on a drawer pull, fence, etc.) is not covered by this guarantee. If your clasp is bent and needs replacing please, in honesty, select that you damaged your jewelry. 

We do not recommend you put your jewelry in contact with chemicals such as chlorine in pools and harsh cleaning supplies. If you do so, the wire is subject to break down from the chemicals and will not be covered by the guarantee. I'm still more than happy to fix it, I just charge a small fee to cover a portion of the time to restring your bracelet so please select I damaged my jewelry.

JEWELRY PURCHASED 4+ MONTHS AGO REPAIRS: I am always willing to repair any jewelry made by me. Please fill out the form accordingly and I'll have your jewelry looking like new in no time! 


Thank you for your support and trusting me with your jewelry needs! Nothing in this world is perfect, but I want your Simply Faye jewelry experience to be as close to perfect as possible!

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